Selecting a Luxury Leather Hip Flask

There are a few distinct characteristics that separate an ordinary hip flask from a luxury leather hip flask. People who are not familiar with the differences may end up paying an exorbitant amount of money for a cheap product. Shopping online can make the process even more difficult because buyers do not have the opportunity to hold and inspect the flask.

Shopping in Physical Stores

No one will find a luxury leather anything is a large, chain department store, so do not waste the time looking there. Seek out a leather specialty shop, a fine jewelry store, or an upscale cigar shop. Ask the staff to assist with selection. Take a careful and close look at every aspect of the flask.


Check the stitching to determine if it is double stitched by hand. A single stitch on a machine is likely to fray or become loose after a short period of time. The feel of the leather will be soft and have some give to it if it is luxury leather. If the flask feels rigid or has a slight oily residue, the leather has been over processed to hide the fact it is cheap or imitation leather.

The leather covers the stainless steel flask and is snug. If the flask can be taken out of the cover, it has not been hand crafted. Mass-produced leather flasks will not have a proper fit. The leather should be thick, and any embellishments will be genuine. A buckle, for example, will be solid brass or silver instead of just plated.

Shopping Online

Research the company online and read independent reviews. Real luxury leather products will be accompanied by lifetime guarantees. If a guarantee is not available, search another website. Utilize the zoom option to get the best view of the product possible.


A hip flask has a curved shape to make it easier to conceal. It can be pressed against the hip, the shin, or slipped into a pocket. This is the most common shape for a flask, but there are other shapes available. A hunter’s flask uses a cylinder shape. It has a top cover that doubles as a drinking cup. A Sporran-style flask is circular with a small cap that doubles as a drinking cup.