Online Shopping Advice – 7 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Online

Right now, even the old folks are shopping online, and it makes you wonder, what the apprehension, fuss, and wariness all about? But, even with everyone embracing online shopping, there are numerous mistakes we make on the platforms. There also are shipping issues, and of course, we’ve all seen the memes with ill-fitting clothes. As you can imagine, this all begs the question what you and shouldn’t you buy from an online store?

To save you time and money, here are some of the things you should never buy online:

  1. Anything from a suspicious site

If you are a tutor for English looking for a way to lose your money, then add to cart that product that comes at an unbeatable discount, but, from a website you’ve never heard of before. While the temptation will be too hard to resist, making from an unscrupulous business only means that you will get something of inferior quality or worse, you may never get your order.

So, to avoid such financial heartbreaks, you should be wary of websites whose product descriptions are in broken English or if the URL lacks an ‘S’ on https.

  1. Pre-owned clothes

The deal may be good, and the clothes may look like they are in mint condition but, buying secondhand clothes may be the safer option if the seller maintains the clothes in good shape and if there are many positive reviews on the site. Pre-worn clothes may have bedbugs, and they may come in the shape of the previous wearer.

  1. Used cars

The thing with the things you shouldn’t buy online is that they come at great prices making you think that you have gotten the best deal in the universe. Unfortunately, even a car from someone who sounds honest may be in bad shape and the only way you’ll know that is if you test drive the car. Before any money exchanges hands, have a feel of the car and have a mechanic look at it.

  1. Cosmetics you haven’t tried

If your favorite mascara is on offer online, and the sale is on a legit online store, then, you can take advantage of the sale. However, if you come across a great deal on cosmetics but on a product you’ve never tried, pass on the offer. If you’d like to try out new mascara or eyeliner, visit the store down the street. If you must buy the new brand, ensure it’s a line from renowned beauty stores.

  1. Fresh Produce

If you are too busy to visit the farmers market or sick, ask a friend to run errands for you. You can even call your local grocery store to make a delivery. This is because your grocer won’t send rotten or bruised produce. However, on online store can send produce in any shape and color and not take responsibility. Canned and boxed goods are safe for online purchases though.

  1. Expensive jewelry

Again, despite the discounted price on jewelry or a luxury like diamonds, don’t buy that item online. Here is what you can do instead if the store is a local one, find out if they have a brick and mortar store you can visit and inspect for flaws.

  1. Supplements and Prescribed medications

There are many generic medicines and supplements, and there also are fakes. Unless approved by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, don’t buy them. You should also check with your doctor before use and also read online reviews.

Final Thoughts

These aren’t the only things you shouldn’t buy online. You should also avoid buying delicate electronic devices, pets, undergarments, perfumes, high-end perfumes, flowers, home décor, and mattresses.