Buying and Selling Used Garments In the Fashion

Buying and selling clothing online has become a very popular way of earning money over the last few years. People that have never considered entering the fashion industry are now running businesses that are making them tens of thousands of dollars in profit every year. While it is unlikely someone with a low budget will be able to open a full-scale fashion outlet right from the start, they could begin to finance the operation by buying and selling garments online.

As with anything, a buyer wants to make sure they are getting quality for their money. Clothing is no different, but it does have its own specific set of rules concerning what should be purchased. Putting the used tag on clothing is not the taboo that it once was in this industry. In addition, online outlets such as eBay and Craigslist have made this a very popular choice for frugal shoppers.

When looking to create your stock so that you can sell your garments online, some of the best places to investigate are local clothing stores. This would actually offer an avenue in buying both new and used clothing. By talking to the manager or owner of the store, you may be able to find deals on a steady basis that would not otherwise be available to the average consumer.

The first thing to check into is returns. We all know someone that has shown up at an event with a dress or suit that still had its tags on. This is often the case when they do not intend to keep the garment. When returns such as this go back to the store, they are often sent to dead stock and of no use to the store. If they sell them, they have to do so at severely discounted rates. If someone were to approach them about taking all of this stock, that price might be even lower.

In addition to the bogus returns, clothing stores will often try to rid themselves of out of season stock by reducing the pricing. There is nothing wrong with the clothing, but they need to make room in order to bring in the next season. It is not uncommon for stores to sell this type of clothing at ten to twenty percent of the initial selling price. This is yet another opportunity to lock in significant “new” inventory at a very low price.

The average shopper does not go out and wait around for things to go on sale. They may have seen something they like and then when they return to the store, the item is no longer available. Their next stop is the Internet. By buying up the older stock and offering it online, you can have your own fashion business offering new and used clothing at discount pricing. If the site is marketed properly and initial returns are used to invest in higher end merchandise, it may not be long before your discount store becomes a major outlet!