Brand Name Fashions on a Budget

Brand name clothing offers, excellent quality and style at the height of fashion. But do you have to pay “height of cost” prices for these chic duds? The answer is no; you just have to know where to look to get discounts on your favorite designer labels like Nautica, Ecko, and Claiborne.

Nautica Wear:
Nautica wear is especially attractive and always in style. In order to score affordable prices, you can try visiting the “sale” section of the Nautica website. All sorts of deals are available there including things like discount women’s apparel with markdowns of 10 to 50 percent. This includes everything from sporty striped tees to sun-print dresses to trendy light jackets to causal cropped pants.

The nice thing though is that many different retailers sell the Nautica wear, allowing for variable pricing and possible markdowns. You can find all sorts of discounted Nautica fashion online from a plethora of sellers, and even on auction sites. But of course there are outlet stores in almost every state in the nation as well that will offer great discounts on this designer label.

Discount Ecko Fashion:
Ecko clothing gives you the look of the urban edge and fortunately you can find reduced rates on the Ecko website. It has an entire section devoted to clearance priced items. You can ride out the current fashion trends with clothing that will buy you brand name power at discount prices. For example, many pieces of women’s apparel, including shorts, dresses, tees, purses, and more can be purchased on the website at 50 to 70 percent cheaper than the wholesale cost.

And if you are not much of an online shopper, but prefer the safety of trying on your clothes before you buy, there are plenty of Ecko Outlet stores around the country that offer great discount Ecko clothing at a price that will fit your budget.

Claiborne Fashion for Less:
Liz Claiborne clothing is known for being very feminine and trendy in nature, and bargain shoppers can find great prices by visiting the company’s website and checking either the “sale” or the “clearance” section. The sale priced items feature discounts of about 40 percent off the regular price. The clearance items are even more deeply discounted, with savings up to 75 percent, but the selection is about a third of what is found in the sale section.

Still, within both tabs you can find discount women’s apparel like cute v-neck dresses, pleated skirts, printed cardigans, and solid tanks and tees. And 32 of the 50 states offer buyers Liz Claiborne outlets stores that feature their own sales and discount member rewards programs. You can find Claiborne items on a budget as well by checking out several online retailers.